Let the blogging begin!

Welcome to my blog!  My goal is to create a place where you can learn a bit about canine behavior and training.  In my future entries I will be discussing managing multiple dog households (since I currently have five dogs I feel qualified!), choosing a trainer, selecting a new dog, the use of punishment, dominance and pack theory, among many other things.  Because it is so near and dear to my heart, you’ll probably see a post or two relating to deaf dogs (I have two).  In addition, I’m happy to address some issues that you suggest.  Join me on this blog, I promise it won’t be boring!



  1. Christel Wahl says:

    Love your new website!
    My Poodle is going on 14 and a diabetic. He is on a special diet and is doing well with that, however he is spoiled rotten and knows exactly how to get his way with me as well as the neighbors. Usually his barking will clue everyone in to the fact that he wants to be petted. All are happy to oblige.
    Good luck with your new site, it offers some real help for people and their furry friends, way to go!!

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