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Dogs benefit from stretching just like humans do. Whether you have a competitive canine athlete, a weekend warrior, or a couch potato, stretching and stabilizing exercises are great for mind and body. This class will teach exercises that will not only build the body, but will build confidence and strengthen the bond between dog and handler. Increase your dog’s core strength and stretch out their muscles to prevent injuries. The exercises double as fun behaviors to teach and have your dog perform! Come spend a fun hour relaxing and doing something that will benefit your dog in so many ways! The class runs for six consecutive weeks. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $175.
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PUPPY SOCIAL: 10:15 AM Saturdays Please Note: There will be NO SOCIALS on June 24 (seminar) and July 1 (Holiday weekend)

A tired puppy is a happy owner! Puppies are invited to a  forty-five minute play fest every Saturday at 10:15 am. In addition, puppy parents get to socialize with other dog lovers over coffee and donuts in addition to learning a bit about appropriate play! Puppies must be between the ages of 10 weeks to 5 months. Puppies older than 5 months are invited to Teen Socials. Socials will be offered each week for forty-five minutes. First timers please pre-register online (you will not receive a confirmation) and bring your puppy’s updated vaccination records. Tuition = $20 per week to be paid at the door.

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TEEN SOCIAL: 9:00 AM Saturdays  Please Note: There will be NO SOCIALS on June 24 (seminar) and July 1 (Holiday weekend)

Is your teenage dog driving you crazy? Want to have a quiet Saturday? Then bring your dog for a one-hour romp every Saturday at 9am! In addition, doggie parents get to socialize with other dog lovers over coffee and donuts in addition to learning a little bit about appropriate play! Dogs must be between the ages of 5 months to 2 years. Dog and people friendly dogs only, please! Socials will be offered each week for one hour. First timers please pre-register online (you will not receive a confirmation) and bring your dog’s updated vaccination records. Tuition = $20 per week to be paid at the door. 

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In recent years, dog training has moved beyond the out-dated concepts of being “alpha” and thinking in terms of “wolf pack theory”. Educated professionals no longer encourage the need to ‘dominate’ an animal to train them. Efficient training techniques follow the lead of animal and marine mammal trainers. Coventry’s classes are designed with this in mind, to effectively and efficiently train you and your dog, improve your relationship and let you have fun! Is your dog able to do all the things you dreamed he would? Walk nicely on a leash? Sit for greeting? Come when called? Respond to his name? We can help you with that! Let’s get started!!! SCROLL DOWN AND SIGN UP NOW! *REFUNDS are given only if requested one week prior to the class start date.

Clinic: Come Here!

Having trouble with a dog that just won’t come when called? Want a dog that will come no matter what? Then this class is for you! Take our 3-week clinic that focuses on the fundamentals of a good recall.  All classes are one hour. Tuition = $125.  

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Clinic: Don’t Jump on Me!

Troubled by an overly enthusiastic greeting from your dog?  Do you want a dog that will greet you and your guests safely and with manners?  Then this class is for you! Take our 3-week clinic that focuses on the fundamentals of proper greetings and control. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $125.  

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Clinic: Walk Nicely!

Tired of getting pulled down the street? Want your dog to walk politely at your side? Then this class is for you! Take our 3-week clinic that focuses on the fundamentals of a loose leash walking. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $125.  

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Puppy Kindergarten

Start your puppy out on the right paw with a class designed for his needs! This class focuses on providing good socialization experiences and teaching attention and focus, bite inhibition, walking on a leash, good manners, sit, down, control yourself and come! For puppies from 8 weeks to up to 5 months of age. This class runs for 8-weeks. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $225.

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The beginner class is the perfect start to your dog’s formal education! This class will teach sit, down, stay, wait, come, walk nicely on leash, leave-it, targeting and go-to- mat. In addition, basic manners will be covered and you will introduce both hand signals and voice commands. As the class progresses, distraction training will be added. For dogs 5 months and older. This class runs for 8-weeks. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $225.

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Are you ready to Jumpstart your dog’s education? Whether your puppy needs to master the basics or your older dog needs to polish up a few things before moving on with his education, this 5-week class is perfect! Work on the essentials like: stay, wait come, leave-it, go-to-mat and walk nicely. Pre-requisites are Puppy Kindergarten or some experience with a beginner class. Additionally, this class prepares handlers and dogs who have previously taken punishment-based training methods elsewhere to switch to positive reinforcement training. This class runs for 5-weeks. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $150.

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Wonder Dog!

Did you think your training was complete? Not yet! The next big step in your dog’s education is making him a Wonder Dog! This class focuses on adding distance and distractions and increases your dog’s abilities. Your dog will learn new concepts such as ‘heel’ while focusing his attention on you instead of the environment as well as other practical tasks. We will introduce emergency cues that will have your dog responding quickly, even while in motion. Future off-leash success depends on the reliability of your dog’s response to cues (i.e., sit, down, stay, wait and here) despite increasing distance and distractions.Wonder Dog! is open to dogs who have completed Beginner or Jumpstart classes. Evaluations for class readiness will be provided for graduates of other programs. This class runs for 6-weeks. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $175.

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Dogs Unleashed!!

“We don’t need no stinkin’ leashes!!!” Finally! This is the class that you have been waiting for! Your dog is going to earn his/her college degree! Did you dream that one day you would be able to walk with your dog without having to use a leash confident that he would be safe? Imagine your dog coming when called, even if there is another animal outside and the front door was accidentally left open. Picture yourself being able to stop your dog with a single word, even if he is running across a street! In this six week course, we will help you attain on off-leash reliability. Fun and fast paced exercises that increase difficulty by increasing distance and distraction will get you the Super Dog that you always dreamed of! Some exercises will be outside, weather permitting. Registering dogs must be Wonder Dog! graduates. This class runs for 6-weeks. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $175.

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Kranky K9s

Is your dog KRANKY with other dogs? Dog to dog aggression creates serious problems for owners. Owners of “Kranky” dogs suffer embarrassment and sometimes even physical injury as they attempt to control their dog’s outbursts at the sight, sound or even smell of another dog. Kranky K9s is a specialty class that is taught by multiple knowledgeable and patient instructors experienced in handling aggression in a classroom setting. The classes will focus on calming techniques, teaching alternative behaviors and handling methods. This class is limited to 6-dogs and runs for 8-weeks. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $350.

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Kranky K9s: Out and About

Graduates of Kranky K9s can move on to our new Out and About class. This outdoor class focuses on strengthening all of skills learned in Kranky K9s and putting them into real life practice. Walk your Kranky K9 through our reproduction of the common situations that you struggle with everyday, and learn how to handle them successfully! This class is limited to 10-dogs and runs for 6-weeks. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $250.

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The ultimate mental exercise for your dog! Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt. This new and exciting sport is designed to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise. It’s a great way for your dog to have fun, build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy. All your dog needs is a nose! Levels 1, 2 and 3 run 6-weeks. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $160.

Intro to Nosework 1

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Nosework 2 – Intro to Odor
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Nosework 3 – Advanced
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What can your dog do? Tricks aren’t a silly pastime, they are a great and fun way to stimulate your dog mentally and avoid destructive behaviors that are the result of boredom. Did you know that many assistance dog tasks start with a trick as the foundation behavior? Teaching your dog to do tricks develops his ability to learn more complex behaviors. Whether you want to teach your dog a few cute tricks, increase their mental stimulation, strengthen your working relationship or prepare your dog to learn to perform important tasks, this class is for you! This class runs for 6-weeks. All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $175.

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Rally FUN-damentals!

Rally is an interactive dog sport where the dog and handler move from station to station completing obedience exercises. Rally will help you to practice and advance the skills learned in your previous pet training classes. Teamwork and fun is emphasized! The goal of this class is to introduce Level 1 Rally exercises and build a positive working relationship between dog and handler.  Dogs that have completed a minimum of Wonderdogs! are invited. Rally FUN-damentals II is open to all students who have completed FUN-damentals I and wish to improve their course skills.  These classes run for 6-weeks.   All classes are one hour.  Tuition = $175.   Rally FUN-damentals I

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Rally FUN-damentals II

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If you can’t make our classes, or you prefer to learn privately, we’ll be glad to accommodate you. A private training session deals with basic training problems like jumping, pulling, puppy nipping, not coming when called, destruction, barking, housebreaking, counter-surfing and a host of others. Sessions are an hour in duration = $125/hr.


A behavioral consult is a private session that focuses on specific behavior problems related to fear, anxiety, aggression (to humans and/or dogs) or compulsive disorder. If you are experiencing this type of a behavioral problem with your dog, a private behavior consultation is the appropriate option.  These types of behavior problems go beyond traditional training and require the expertise of a qualified behavior professional. A consult is usually between 1.5 and 2 hours in length and includes collecting a very detailed history of all aspects of a dog’s behavior, assessing the dog, implementing training and developing a plan. Consultation cost = $225; follow-up visits = $150.

When reserving a behavioral consultation or private training session, a credit card is required to secure your appointment. Should you need to cancel, you must notify us 48 hours prior to your appointment, or a $50 cancellation fee will be charged to your card. Your card will only be charged if you fail to notify us. 


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June 24/25, 2017

The Coventry School, Inc. Presents:

Training Dogs and People Efficiently with

Bob Bailey, Sc.D. and Elisabeth Catalano, M.A.


Do you want to increase your efficiency when training DOGS and people? Would you like to learn from Bob Bailey?

This unique, 2 day seminar (Saturday and Sunday) will be dedicated to helping you understand how to increase your training efficiency and improve your coaching/teaching skills. You will learn to create a training plan, understand criteria shifts, and effectively communicate that plan to a student all while allowing the student to enhance their own training ability.

Effective teaching requires trainers to have flexibility in their approach and encourage that flexibility in their students. You will learn how to plan a training session that has structure but allows students to express their own creativity while still following the fundamental operant principles.

At this seminar, you will observe the teaching methods of trainers who have been preselected during a previous seminar. Those trainers will work with students to achieve new behaviors. They will help the students to prepare and implement training plans and coach them through the process. You will observe the teachers as they help the trainers implement their plan efficiently while still allowing their own creative process.

Additionally, you will watch as Bob and Liz guide the teachers to be effective coaches. This seminar will be similar to observing the chicken workshops; however, several behaviors will be worked on simultaneously and will rapidly progress.

Dates:  June 24/25

Inquiries can be directed to